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《Happy birthday》PPT课件

《Happy birthday》PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Happy birthday》PPT课件《Happy birthday》PPT课件

《Happy birthday》PPT课件

第一部分内容:Read and think

What can we say and do?

Say‘Happy birthday’.

Sing‘Happy birthday’.

Watch and think

What can we say and do?

Say ‘Happy birthday’.

Sing ‘Happy birthday’.

... ... ...

《Happy birthday》PPT,第二部分内容:Read and say

Here is a cake for you.

Here are some noodles for you.

Here is a card for you.

Here is a song for you.

... ... ...

《Happy birthday》PPT,第三部分内容:Homework

1 Spell and copy these words.

cake   card   noodles

2  Make sentences. 

Here … 

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