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  • 《My future》PPT

    《My future》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My future》PPT 第一部分内容:job teacher [ti:t(r)] n. 教师,教员,老师 doctor [dkt(r)] n.博士; 医生,大夫 nurse [n:rs] n.护士,看护; 奶妈,保姆 driver [drav] cook worker ... ... ... 《My future》PPT第二部分内..

  • 【目录】上海教育版五年级英语上册PPT课件


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    上海教育版小学五年级英语上册PPT课件、Flash动画课件,全册免费下载。由第一PPT模板网整 理,免费提供给各位老师下载使用。上海教育版五年级英语上册课件,大部分类型为PPT课件,小部分为FLASH动画课件,也包括部分MP3课文朗..

  • 《Let's have both》PPT

    《Let's have both》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Let's have both》PPT 第一部分内容:Teaching Objectives: 1.了解中西方饮食方式和习惯的差异。 2.训练阅读理解能力。 ... ... ... 《Let's have both》PPT,第二部分内容:new words and phrases 1. differ ['dif] 不同 ..

  • 《Do you want coffee or tea》MP3音频课件

    《Do you want coffee or tea》MP3音频课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Do you want coffee or tea》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:广州版五年级上册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Do you want coffee or tea》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《Do you want coffee or tea》PPT

    《Do you want coffee or tea》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Do you want coffee or tea》PPT 第一部分内容:words learning coffee 咖啡 tea 茶 milk 牛奶 coke 可乐 juice 果汁 drink 喝;饮料 something 某事 cold 冷的 hot 热的 sure 确信 ... ... ... 《Do you want coffee or tea..

  • 《Let's have both》MP3音频课件

    《Let's have both》MP3音频课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Let's have both》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:广州版五年级上册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Let's have both》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《At the weekend》MP3音频课件

    《At the weekend》MP3音频课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At the weekend》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:广州版五年级上册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《At the weekend》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《At the weekend》PPT课件

    《At the weekend》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At the weekend》PPT课件 第一部分内容:课文主要内容: The Chen family is always very busy at the weekend. wake up early have a big breakfast Mr/Mrs Chen go to the market(usually) have some fun go to the cinema..

  • 《Where is ben?》MP3音频课件

    《Where is ben?》MP3音频课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Where is ben?》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:广州版五年级上册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Where is ben?》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《Where is ben?》PPT课件

    《Where is ben?》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Where is ben?》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Let's read: I always play music in the music room. I usually take exercise in the gym. I often do my homework in the classroom. I sometimes go swimming at the swimming poo..

  • 《Water》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Water》PPT 第一部分内容:Think and say What do you know about water? Does it have any colour? Does it have any shape? Does it have any taste? Look and say How do we use water? Firemen use water to put out fir..

  • 《Fire》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Fire》PPT 第一部分内容:新课导入 Yaz, the meat and the fire Hi, I am Yaz. I live in the Stone Age. This is my family. We have a fire. Fire gives us heat and light. We always eat meat. My parents and my sister..

  • 《Around the city》PPT课件

    《Around the city》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Around the city》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Ask and answer Whos sitting on your left? Whos sitting on your right? Whats on your left? Theres a library. Whats on your right? Theres a hospital. ... ... ... 《Around ..

  • 《Wind》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Wind》PPT 第一部分内容:Read and guess A riddle It has no shape. It has no colour. It has no smell, And you cannot catch it. You can hear it, But you cannot see it. What is it? ... ... ... 《Wind》PPT,第二部..

  • 《Around the city》PPT

    《Around the city》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Around the city》PPT 第一部分内容:Lets enjoy Ming, Ming, what can you see? I can see a small shop in the street. Ming, Ming, what can you see? I can see some cheese in front of me. Lets chant Spider, spider,..

  • 《At the beach》PPT

    《At the beach》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《At the beach》PPT 第一部分内容:Ask and answer 1. Are the Browns in Sanya? Yes, they are. 2. Is Sally sitting beside Paul? No, she isnt. 3. Is Mrs Brown collecting shells? Yes, she is. 4. Is Peter collecting ..

  • 《An outing》PPT

    《An outing》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《An outing》PPT 第一部分内容:Think and say 1. Where can we go for an outing? 2. What do we need for an outing? 3. Do you like outings? Why? Look and read Alice: What are you doing, Peter? Peter: Im reading th..

  • 《Family life》PPT

    《Family life》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Family life》PPT 第一部分内容:读一读 1. cake grape name snake face plate 2. have apple bag cat hat fat 读一读,找出划线部分发音不同的单词。 ( ) 1、many cap potato ( ) 2、plate have lamb ( ) 3、water rabbit w..

  • 《Friends》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Friends》PPT 第一部分内容:Eenjoy I have a friend. Shes very small. I always talk to her, But she doesnt talk at all. not.at all 根本不 I have a friend. We both like to play. We go to the park almost every da..

  • 《Grandparents》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版五年级上册英语 日期:2018-12-20

    《Grandparents》PPT 第一部分内容:单词导入 mother parents father brother baby brother sister baby sisiter uncle cousin aunt grandma grandparents grandpa ... ... ... 《Grandparents》PPT,第二部分内容:课程学习 C..