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  • 《Outdoor fun》PPT

    《Outdoor fun》PPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-27

    《Outdoor fun》PPT 第一部分内容:Outdoor activities cycling go cycling camping go camping riding go riding swimming go swimming jogging go jogging ... ... ... 《Outdoor fun》PPT,第二部分内容:学识目标检测 camp..

  • 《Outdoor fun》ReadingPPT

    《Outdoor fun》ReadingPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-27

    《Outdoor fun》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:The Lost Key The door was locked. I couldnt find the key I didnt notice that there was a big hole in my pocket. The key and my mobile phone went through the hole. I saw s..

  • 《Outdoor fun》Main TaskPPT

    《Outdoor fun》Main TaskPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-27

    《Outdoor fun》Main TaskPPT 第一部分内容:Learning aims: 1.Describe a thing clearly. 2.Continue to write a story based on the one we have known. Listen and answer questions 1.What did Alice see on the table? A..

  • 《Outdoor fun》Integrated skillsPPT

    《Outdoor fun》Integrated skillsPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-27

    《Outdoor fun》Integrated skillsPPT 第一部分内容:Introduction: Hello, boys and girls. Nice to see you. Introduce myself. This is my first time to be with you. I feel very excited. excited 100 years old a centu..

  • 《Abilities》Integrated skillsPPT

    《Abilities》Integrated skillsPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-21

    《Abilities》Integrated skillsPPT 第一部分内容:完成句子: 1. That ______(听起来 )dangerous. 2. You must keep ______ (你自己)safe. 3. Do you know what _________ (发生)him yesterday? 4. Keep the children _..

  • 《Abilities》GrammarPPT课件


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-21

    《Abilities》GrammarPPT课件 第一部分内容:新课导入 The flowers are beautiful. The flowers are very beautiful. How beautiful the flowers are! The cat is lovely. The cat is very lovely. How lovely the cat is! .....

  • 《Abilities》GrammarPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-21

    《Abilities》GrammarPPT 第一部分内容:Do you know these sports? row a boat I could not row a boat at five. Now I can . ride a bike ...could not ... now ...can... play badminton ...could not ... now ...can... ....

  • 《Outdoor fun》MP3音频课件

    《Outdoor fun》MP3音频课件

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2020-08-21

    《Outdoor fun》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:牛津译林版七年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Outdoor fun》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《Abilities》ReadingPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Abilities》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:新课导入 Fire is useful, but sometimes it is dangerous. If you are not careful with it, it can burn things or even hurt you. A big fire can even burn forests and tall build..

  • 《Pets》MP3音频课件


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:牛津译林版七年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《Abilities》Main taskPPT

    《Abilities》Main taskPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Abilities》Main taskPPT 第一部分内容:预习反馈 1.chairperson n.主席 2.madam n.女士 3.thoughtful adj.考虑周到的 4.lose v.丢失 5.act v.表演 6.housework n.家务活 7.likely adj.可能的 8.whole adj.可能的 9.drama n...

  • 《Pets》PPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》PPT 第一部分内容:Lets play a game. Guess what the animal is! He is friendly to people. He can help people keep doors. If you make him angry, he may bite you. He will bark at someone when he sees strang..

  • 《Pets》RevisionPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》RevisionPPT 第一部分内容:Guess what I am! I have fur. I have four paws. I sleep a lot. My favourite food is fish. I have long ears. I eat lots of carrots. I have two legs. I like to sing. I have feathe..

  • 《Pets》ReadingPPT课件


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》ReadingPPT课件 第一部分内容:Group competition Please say something about the animals in the poems. Use as many words in the poems as possible. The group which speaks more and fast win. ... ... ... 《Pe..

  • 《Pets》Main taskPPT

    《Pets》Main taskPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》Main taskPPT 第一部分内容:Amys cat. appearance small, green eyes, grey fur, tail, white paws, personality lovely, clever, quiet, friendly, happy, lazy lifestyle 1.food cat food, fish or, milk 2. sleepi..

  • 《Pets》ReadingPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:新课导入 Twinkle twinkle little star Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are, Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky, Star light, Star bright, The ..

  • 《Pets》Integrated skillsPPT

    《Pets》Integrated skillsPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》Integrated skillsPPT 第一部分内容:fantail goldfish What is fantail goldfish like and how to look after it? Its You should You shouldnt Listen to the talk. 1 you should put your fantail goldfish in the ..

  • 《Abilities》MP3音频课件


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Abilities》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:牛津译林版七年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Abilities》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

  • 《Pets》GrammarPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Pets》GrammarPPT 第一部分内容:Objectives To learn to use adjectives to describe people or things To learn to use indefinite pronouns To tell the differences among different indefinite pronouns 单词回顾 学生..

  • 《Abilities》RevisionPPT


    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级下册 日期:2018-12-20

    《Abilities》RevisionPPT 第一部分内容:Revision : the use ofcan/could 1. We usecanorcouldto say that we are or were able to do something 我会跳舞。I can dance. 他过去会唱这首歌。 He could sing the song in the p..