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  • 《Weather》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Weather》PPT 第一部分内容:Look and read cloud wind rain sun cloudy windy rainy sunny Look and answer How's the whether? Does kitty like the rain? Does the farmer like the rain? How's the whether? Does kitty ..

  • 《Shapes》PPT下载


    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Shapes》PPT下载 第一部分内容:Lets draw Draw your favourite shape on the egg. Lets talk Look at my egg. Its ______. Who is your friend? Look at my cake. Its ______. I like it. ... ... ... 《Shapes》PPT,第二..

  • 《Shapes》PPT课件


    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Shapes》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Look and say What shapes can you see? Lets review circle This is a circle. rectangle This is a rectangle. star This is a star. triangle This is a triangle. square This is a squar..

  • 《Shapes》PPT


    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Shapes》PPT 第一部分内容:Lets count How many shapes are there? There are eight. Look and learn circle square triangle rectangle star circle square star triangle rectangle ... ... ... 《Shapes》PPT,第二部分..

  • 《Around my home》PPT下载

    《Around my home》PPT下载

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Around my home》PPT下载 第一部分内容:Read and judge 1 Jills home is on Brown Street. ( ) 2 There is a park behind Alices home. ( ) 3 There is a shop on Green Street. ( ) 4 There are some shops and restaurant..

  • 《Around my home》PPT课件

    《Around my home》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Around my home》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Think and say There is a park near my home. Its beautiful. There is a big lake in it. There are trees and flowers too. Read and judge 1 Jills home is on Brown Street. ( )..

  • 《Around my home》PPT

    《Around my home》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Around my home》PPT 第一部分内容:Let's read! Our school is old but beautiful. We can sing and dance in the hall. We can read books in the library. We can have P.E lessons in the gym. We can run and play in t..

  • 《At home》PPT

    《At home》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At home》PPT 第一部分内容:新课导入 I can help you,Grandma. What do you need? OK, Alice. I need two eggs. Where are they? Theyre in the box. Where is it? Its on the table. its=it is on 在上面 ... ... ... 《At..

  • 《Weather》PPT课件


    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Weather》PPT课件 第一部分内容:新课导入 Do you know these signs ? sun cloud wind rain sunny cloudy windy rainy How is the weather,Kitty? Its rainy. How is the weather,Kitty? Its cloudy and windy. How is the w..

  • 《At the shop》PPT课件

    《At the shop》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At the shop》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Look and say We can buy food _________. tomatoes/potatoes apples/oranges/carrots S1:What would you like, ? S2: Id like some ... ... ... 《At the shop》PPT,第二部分内容:Pan..

  • 《At the shop》PPT

    《At the shop》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At the shop》PPT 第一部分内容:Look and say We can buy food __________/_________________. Read, match and say It is red, soft and juicy. It is vegetable or fruit. It is hard. It is long. It is orange. Rabbits..

  • 《At school》PPT课件

    《At school》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At school》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Listen and say Whats this, Mum? Its a photo of Owen. learn the sounds Owen nose hold cold photo hope 希望 rose hello ... ... ... 《At school》PPT,第二部分内容:Ask and answer..

  • 《At school》PPT

    《At school》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《At school》PPT 第一部分内容:Look and say classroom school playground office library toilet Listen and say Welcome to our school . This is the teachers office. Look! Miss Fang is busy now. We have a computer ..

  • 《My parents》PPT下载

    《My parents》PPT下载

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My parents》PPT下载 第一部分内容:learn the sounds Jim has a pig. His pig is big. His pig is pink. The big pig is playing with a stick. Read and judge 1.kite pig ( ) 2.stick picture ( ) 3.lion is ( ) 4.ride n..

  • 《My parents》PPT课件

    《My parents》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My parents》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Look and read teacher fireman cook policeman nurse bus driver doctor Think and say What does your father do? What does your mother do? My father is a My mother is a ... ... ...

  • 《My parents》PPT

    《My parents》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My parents》PPT 第一部分内容:Look and read firemen a fireman Guess the job doctor nurse fireman teacher bus driver ... ... ... 《My parents》PPT,第二部分内容:Read and match ( ) Miss Lin is an English teach..

  • 《My friends》PPT课件下载

    《My friends》PPT课件下载

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My friends》PPT课件下载 第一部分内容:新课导入 This is my friend,Tom. He is short and thin, but he is strong. He has a green T-shirt and green shorts. He can play football. This is my friend,Alice. She is t..

  • 《My friends》PPT下载

    《My friends》PPT下载

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《My friends》PPT下载 第一部分内容:A fashion show I have a yellow T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. I have a red dress and a pair of black shoes. I have a pink T-shirt and a blue skirt. I have a pair of blue ..

  • 《Do you have any cousins》PPT课件

    《Do you have any cousins》PPT课件

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Do you have any cousins》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Ask and answer How many people are there in your family? Who are they? There are people in my family. They are Look and read Hello, Im Jill. This is my family. T..

  • 《Do you have any cousins》PPT

    《Do you have any cousins》PPT

    栏目:上海教育版四年级上册英语 日期:2020-09-03

    《Do you have any cousins》PPT 第一部分内容:Ask and answer About Jills family How many people are there in Jills family? There are eight people in Jills family. Whats Jills uncles name? His name is John. Who i..